17 years ago Geert came to Kenya for the first time. In the meantime he has been in Kenya for 28 times!

His passion is helping the needy is East Africa, specially vulnerable children. In 2008, Geert founded the „Malaika Children Home“ in Njoro/Nakuru. In order to make his aid-project more popular, Geert organized two charity-bike-rides from Cape Town, South Africa, to Kenya, the so called  „CROSSING-BORDERS-EXPEDITIONS“, each ~10,000kms long.

Geert, who is able to speak swahili, normally spends a couple of months per year in Kenya, “my second home”, as he uses to say. Right now he is in charge of organising the main preparations for the coming “RAINBOW-CHILDREN-CENTER”.



Julian and Geert became friends at the University of Marburg, Germany, where both of them were studying Geography on diploma. And both had interest in “Peace- and Conflict Research”, a subject which is only offered at marburg University“, and which both of them chose as a minor subject.

Julian …or as we call him „Jutze“ (his nickname) has worked for many years for environmental organisations, namely for „Greenpeace“ as well as for the „WWF“.

Nowadays the father of two kids works for the Labour Union in Marburg.


Andreas is not only a founding member, but also our Honorary Chairman. or should we say „Honorary Wheel-Chairman“? Because Andreas himself is paralized since he was involved in a traffic accident 30 years ago.

Andreas is one of the most unique and extraordinary adventureres of our time: he travels the world to exotic places in his wheelchair – no matter how dangerous or complicated the travel would be. In India, Andy went with his wheelchair from the mouth of the Holy Ganges River to its’ source in the Himalayan Mountains or crossed the deserts of Syria, Jordan and Iran.

Andreas is an ambassador of our aid work. his greeting words can be found here.



Lena is our “Minister for Finances”!

Geert’s presentation about his long charity-Bike-rides made Lena curious: she wanted to travel to “his” orpahange: the „Malaika children’s Home“ in Kenya. So she came there as a volunteer  – and spent many months in the Home and did a wonderful job!

Since her internship at the „Malaika Home“ Lena has been to Kenya for a couple of times. She also joins Geert from time to time to organise the preparations for the “Rainbow Children Center” in Kenya.

Lena works for handicapped and elderly people in Wolfenbuttel, Germany.


Marc loves working for handicapped people on Germany. To be precise: he is employed at the “Neuerkerode Foundation”, a renowned institution in Braunschweig which cares for handicapped people.

Marc is passionate about manual work too, and ist very much skilled in that. Whenever we are in need of information desks (for events etc.) it’s Marc who decides! We are happy about his know-how in manual work…



Like Lena, also Dominik used to work as a volunteer at the „Malaika orphanage“ in Kenya. Actually he spent full six month at the project near the equator! And did an awsome job!

After his long stay in Afrika he started his studies at the University of Erfurt. his subjects: International Politics. In the meantime he has been abroad and took part in two student-exchange-programs h (Ecuador and Spain).


Tim has been in Kenya twice and loves working for the RAINBOW-CHILDREN FOUNDATION!

Tim is  the contact person for our kenyan constructor, Ndiritu Muchiri. Moreover, he is responsible for the public relations (social media etc.)

Tim studies Politics at the University of Vechta.

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