The compound: „How will I look like?“

„I’m not there yet… but there ist quite a precice idea how I will look like….  I will measure 4000 m² … that is roundabout 64 meters times meters… or one acre. Yes, of course, there will be different buildings, but still there will be enough space to have an own “shamba” to cultivate vegetables and fruits. I’m looking forward to host mangotrees, passionfruits and banana-trees.

The Rainbow-Children will sleep in the MAIN HOUSE (on the map: Haupthaus – german). It will consist of 5 rooms:  one for the girls and one for the boys, plus – of course – a bathroom a room for physiotherapy, which will be highly needed and a playroom.

The manager will work in an OFFICE HOUSE (on the map: Officehaus – german). gebaut. Not extravagant, of course, with an office room and a small verandah.

The Rainbow-Children will eat in a DINING ROOM (on the map: Speiseraum german), with a joined KITCHEN (on the map: Küchegerman) and a STORE (on the map: Vorratskammergerman).

As on all compounds in the coastal region a WATER TOWER (on the map: Wasserturmgerman) will be constructed. To be precise: a 3-storey-watertower: with OUTSIDE TOILETS – ground floor – a STORE – second floor – and the big WATER TANK on top.

Moreover, an UNDERWATER TANK (on the map: unterirdischer Wassertankgerman) will be build – for harvesting rain water. The rain water can be used wonderfully for usage water too (toilets, irrigation of the shamba etc.).

Hopefully we will also have the funds to drill a BOREHOLE (on the map: Bohrlochgerman) – for having drinking water. We expect it will be not too deep to reach ground water.

Hopefully even funds will be there in the near future to build a GUEST HOUSE (on the map: Gästehausgerman). Probably a kind of african “Banda”, a small round house with a roof made of grass… which they call makuti here. Two rooms should be enough. An ideal place to host volunteers too!

The person in charge for the constructions will be Jorum Ndiritu Muchiri, well known in Ukunda for his good and excellent work.“

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